Still running, many new projects

I just thought I would make a post since it has been FOREVER. Site is still ticking along just fine, the IRC chatroom is still active, and I plan to keep things running.

I have been busy with my personal coding projects. I invite you to check them out: threadly, ambush, and my github user account.


Posted by jent on Fri, 29 May 2015

Forum registration temporarily disabled

In order to prevent the forums from being filled with spam, I have had to disable new user registration. You can request registration by joining the chat room and sending me a request if you wish. But until I have time to figure out a way to prevent spam bots from clogging up the forums, it is disabled. Feel free to read this post for more details: http://den.spicylemons.com/viewthread.php?tid=3104

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Posted by jent on Tue, 3 Sep 2013

bigbudden.com no longer part of spicylemons.com

I decided to go ahead and drop the domain bigbudden.com. It just did not seem like it was worth the expense since everything has now moved under the spicylemons title. We will keep the acidchat domain for the time being (which is what the IRC network used to be covered under, but it also has moved under the spicyelmons title). Nothing exciting, just don't be surprised when that domain changes, and update any old bookmarks if you still have any.


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Posted by jent on Thu, 18 Apr 2013

Server updates and upgrades

Our service provider has been aquired and is in the process of being migrated into the parent company (RackSpace). Although I will work to maintain this disruption to a minimum (luckily we are hosted on two servers and are able to migrate load from one to the other while each one is migrated), just keep in mind that this may be the cause. After the changes we should have our software up to date with the latest versions (though we are not too far behind anyways), but we will also be in the new RackSpace....(read more)

Posted by jent on Mon, 9 Jul 2012

Keeping the site going

Just wanted to post, let everyone know that things are still going with the site. The IRC server still has the same old regulars. I also plan to keep the site running, as there is a decent amount of content in the forums and website. In addition I was forced to delete all comments, and now we require moderation before they are published. I had been watching the forums closely for spam, but forgot the comments. Will continue to keep this a spam free domain. A few people have talked about starting a....(read more)

Posted by jent on Tue, 3 Jan 2012